Whisky regions

Did you know?

In 2008, sales of whisky produced in countries other than the big four, Ireland, Japan, Scotland and the USA, grew by 9.1%. This compares to 4.9% total growth of whisky sales worldwide. Source: Euromonitor International 2009.

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Rest of the world

Whisky is now produced all around the globe, with distilleries starting in some seemingly unexpected locations. There are currently over 20 countries, outside of the traditional big four of Ireland, Japan, Scotland and the USA, that are distilling single malt whiskies. Whisky is now distilled in all four corners of the globe and as most of these distilleries are new, they present an interesting combination of innovation and tradition. The number of new whisky distilleries around the world is growing every year, despite the current economic climate, with most going from strength to strength as the thirst for whisky thrives.

  • International whisky distilleries
  • Amrut
    • − India’s premium whisky distillery that was founded in 1948 and is located in Bangalore
  • Bakery Hill
    • − Australian distillery located in the state of Victoria
  • Glenora
    • − Canadian whisky distillery set up in Nova Scotia in 1990 and home to the Glen Breton single malt range
  • Hellyer’s Road
    • − Australia’s largest whisky distillery, located in Tasmania
  • Hiram Walker
    • − Canada’s oldest legal whisky distillery, located in Ontario
  • Kavalan
    • − Taiwan’s first whisky distillery, set up by the King Car Corporation
  • Lark
    • − Founder Bill Lark is regarded as the father of the Australian whisky industry after setting up this distillery in Tasmania in 1992
  • Milford
    • − A distillery that is located on New Zealand’s South Island
  • Nant’s
    • − An Australian distillery that is housed in a converted water mill in Tasmania’s Central Highlands
  • Sedgwick
    • − South Africa’s premium whisky distillery and home to the popular Three Ships blended range