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Campbeltown is one of the few places in Scotland that Gaelic is still regularly used

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Scotland Campbeltown map

Campbeltown is found on a peninsula on the west Highland coast. It was once home to 15 distilleries but the industry there fell on hard times, partly due to the remoteness of its location and the resulting problems in transportation. Now there are currently only three operating distilleries in Campbeltown − Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glengyle (which has only just reopened in 2004, having been closed way back in 1925). They all use peated malt and the resulting whiskies have a light smoky flavour mixed with some maltiness and sweetness. They would be good examples to give to someone who was wanting to try a smoky whisky but not something too heavy or overpowering.

  • Campbeltown distilleries
  • Glengyle
    • − new distillery that is yet to release any whisky
  • Glen Scotia
    • − one of Scotland's smallest and least known distilleries
  • Springbank
    • − Scotland's oldest continously family owned distillery