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Murray McDavid

Murray McDavid takes its name from two of founder Mark Reynier's grandparents. Mark Reynier owns and renovated the Bruichladdich distillery on the island of Islay and he co-founded Murray McDavid with business associates Gordon Wright and Simon Coughlin in 1995. The range is small and hand selected and then bottled at Bruichladdich's facilities on Islay. They generally have between 20-25 bottlings at any one time and unusually for an independent bottler, they vat their malts to aid consistency and the complexity of the final product. This means that they take four or five casks of the same age and from the same distillery and then cut it with local Islay spring water to bring the alcohol level down to 46% ABV. They also experiment with maturation in different, less traditional casks to create unique whiskies.

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