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Gordon and Macphail

Gordon and Macphail are a company based in the heart of Elgin, in Speyside. They still operate from their original premises that were constructed when the company was set up by James Gordon and John Alexander Macphail in 1895. They started off bottling whisky for the numerous local distilleries and also some blending and vatting. Business grew rapidly and they were soon joined by John Urquhart, whose family still own and manage the company today. Gordon and Macphail are one of the largest independent bottlers in Scotland, with over 300 own bottlings in their catalogue. Whiskies are selected from numerous distilleries around the country and released in their 'connoisseur's choice' range. They also release a cask strength range and a 'private collection' range of very limited whiskies. A major difference is that Gordon and Macphail get distilleries to fill directly to their own supplied casks rather than buying ready filled and aged casks from the distilleries or brokers. They also own the Benromach distillery which was taken over in 1993, renovated and then reopened in 1998.

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