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Whisky is drunk in over 200 countries worldwide making it the world's most popular spirit.

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Discover whisky

The world of whisky is fascinating and steeped in history and tradition but what is the best way to find out about this world? There are many different avenues to follow, so whether you use books, the internet, whisky clubs or any combination of these to gain the information is entirely up to you. Every person is different, so there are no right or wrong answers. You will need to find the way of discovering that best works for you.

Whisky blogs & websites
If you go searching for whisky facts, tips, tasting notes or information on the internet, then you will find that there are literally thousands of sites to help you. Naturally some are better than others but whatever your question or whatever you need to know, someone out there will have the answer.

Whisky shops
The whisky selections of many of the world’s supermarkets and duty free shops have improved greatly recently, but there are some items that you can only find in a good specialist retailer.

Whisky associations
Whisky associations are popping up all around the world. There are famous groups, such as the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, that are expanding and opening branches in major world cities but there are also many local and smaller organizations.

Whisky books
Whether you fancy reading some detailed tasting notes or facts about distilleries and the whisky industry or leafing through a gorgeously photographed coffee table book, there really is something for everyone.